Sunday, November 29, 2015

Punk picturebooks

Think all self-published books are the poor-quality spoutings of egomaniacs? Not so - as Self Publish, Be Happy illustrates. Celebrating its fifth birthday, the organisation focuses on collections put together by photographers and, pleasingly, retains a firm faith in the book as a printed, physical artefact.

Founder Bruno Ceschel makes self-publishing seem like a far more noble pursuit than simply the consequence of a narcissistic desire to see your own work in print, drawing parallels with the punk and underground music scene: "DIY culture is by its nature an ethic in opposition to society’s rules at large. It flourishes in environments of communitarian support, collaboration, and even informal barter economics. It is rooted in self-affirmation against a conformist and normative system ... An army of young artists is undermining the greed-run system at its foundations, one page at a time."

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