Monday, November 16, 2015

Know Your Enemy

"Honest to God I’m fucking sick to death of the bullshit this industry pulls on people like me and I’ve had it. Enough I’m done. Fuck you Radio 2. Fuck you Bauer network and fuck the lot of you. It is utter shit. It’s an fucking good song, OK? There is no reason why you need to do this to me once again."

Sandi Thom has a public meltdown in response to the decision of Radio 2 and the commercial Bauer network not to playlist her new single 'Earthquake'.

While I'm reluctant to kick someone who's evidently not in a very happy place, this encapsulates all that is wrong with the music industry, and in a more profound way than Thom might have intended: not only an industry and mainstream radio network that creates hoops through which people must jump, but also the undignified willingness of some musicians (I hesitate to call them "artists") to do so in the hope of receiving a juicy bone, and their indignation when success isn't forthcoming. Following a formula (and 'Earthquake' certainly does that) doesn't always result in spectacular chemistry, and music is better off without careerists who feel they're owed a living simply because they're putting the hours in.

Which reminds me of a post I've been meaning to write for some time now. Maybe this week...

(Thanks to Ronan for the link.)

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