Tuesday, November 17, 2015

He's no here

So it's farewell to John Cummings, as Mogwai experience their first line-up change for 17 years. The statement on the band's website is short and to the point, mentioning his desire "to pursue his own musical projects". The instrumentalists aren't exactly renowned for wordiness, but after that length of time together you might have expected something a little more effusive. It's mischievous to suggest it, but might he have grown frustrated with the unadventurous direction Rave Tapes seems to have taken them in?

Either way, the remaining four will soldier on, with assistance from long-time collaborator Luke Sutherland and ex-Sons & Daughters guitarist/vocalist Scott Paterson on their forthcoming tour. Here's hoping the change will reinvigorate one of the best British bands of my generation.

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