Monday, October 05, 2015

Feel good hits of the 5th October

1. 'Feel You' - Julia Holter
This really does get better with every listen - and it sounded great first time around. Ticket thankfully snaffled for her Islington Assembly Hall gig next month.

2. 'Off Screen' - Hookworms
Less than a week after posting my ratings of every 2014 album I've heard and I'm already suspecting I may have done Hookworms a disservice, at least partly on account of the floatation-tank fuzz of 'Off Screen'.

3. 'Trickfuck' - Blacklisters
From one bunch of noiseniks birthed in Leeds to another. Blacklisters are a quick fix for anyone who misses The Jesus Lizard, and 'Trickfuck' has a suitably unsettling and not-really-safe-for-work video.

4. 'Breaker' - Deerhunter
After the not-particularly-likeable oddity that is 'Snakeskin', this slice of melodic loveliness is much more like it - perhaps because it's got Lockett Pundt's fingerprints all over it.

5. 'Hermits On Holiday' - DRINKS
DRINKS are a collaboration between Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley, and 'Hermits On Holiday' is solid-gold earworm material. A timely reminder that I need to investigate Presley's White Fence further.

6. 'Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas' - Beach Slang
It's not hard to see why this lot, signed to local label Big Scary Monsters in the UK, are often mentioned in the same breath as Japandroids.

7. 'Stereo Sanctity' - Sonic Youth
As song lyrics go, "I can't get laid cos everyone is dead" is pretty much perfect.

8. 'Ride Or Die' - The Icarus Line
An album in 2013, a mini-LP last year and a double album released last Friday (of which 'Ride Or Die' is the first taster) - Joe Cardamone is approaching Ty Segall levels of prolificacy.

9. 'No Comprende' - Low
Given the disappointment that was The Invisible Way, Low's new album Ones And Sixes has got some making up to do, and 'No Comprende' - with its menacing regular rhythm - suggests it might well be up to the job.

10. 'The New Pollution' - Beck
When I wrote about Beck once being "a restless innovator, a pioneer, a musical magpie borrowing and stealing from all and sundry to splendid effect in the pursuit of his own idiosyncratic visions", in the course of dismissing his latest LP Morning Phase as duller than dishwater, this is the sort of track I had in mind.

11. 'The Yabba' - Battles
'The Yabba' sounds like Battles - which is to say that it doesn't sound like anyone else. La Di Da Di is on the shopping list.

12. 'Call Me A Hole' - Nine Inch Nails and Carly Rae Jepsen
No, these two haven't formed an unlikely alliance, inspired by Miley Cyrus teaming up with The Flaming Lips - it's just a genius mash-up of 'Call Me Maybe' and 'Head Like A Hole'.

13. 'Come Back' - Deafheaven
My first taster of New Bermuda, the much-anticipated follow-up to the universally lauded Sunbather. On this evidence, they may have toned down the shoegaze and upped the metal - a shame, if so.

14. 'Get The Keys And Go' - Llama Farmers
Not sure quite why this popped into my head the other day, but it did. Llama Farmers were grunge revivalists back when it was deeply unfashionable.

15. 'False Flag' - EMA
On which EMA gets angry and political - but as a protest song it's a bit crass, certainly lacking in the sophistication of the material on The Future's Void.

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