Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Quote of the day

"Maybe, above anything, nu-metal was one of those tectonic shifts where bands both old and new had to be sacrificed to move on. How a grand disaster or mass poisoning ends up saving a population. A semi-controlled burning to save a forest. Recycling what we know for sure is good beyond current trends may be acceptable and even championed, but it’s also incredibly safe."

Decibel's Shane Mehling is pretty much spot on about nu-metal: its modest beginnings, its risible characters and cliches, the way it sucked so much into its orbit (with horrendous consequences), the fact that Deftones' masterful White Pony was a key nail in its coffin, and - in the passage quoted above - the perverse way in which it ultimately saved metal. Three cheers for Limp Bizkit, then...

(Thanks to Rob for the link.)

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