Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Feel good hits of the 12th August

1. 'Sionara' - Maiians
Without a shadow of a doubt my highlight of this year's Truck, kicking off a late-night post-headliner set that was perfectly scheduled and that probably had people exclaiming "Holy fuck!" for two reasons. If there's any justice, they'll soon have the rest of the country in the palm of their hands, not just Oxford.

2. 'Dance Slow Decades' - Angel Olsen
Just one of many marvellous songs on Burn Your Fire For No Witness, a record that's sure to feature in the upper echelons of the SWSL Top 10 Albums Of 2014 as and when it finally appears. Those crashing piano chords around the three-minute mark...

3. 'No Lite' - Blanck Mass
A reasonably representative track from Dumb Flesh, which overall is much more like Fuck Buttons (particularly the last album Slow Focus) than the introspective, abstract and largely beat-free self-titled debut.

4. 'Feel You' - Julia Holter
The first taster - and indeed the first track - of new album Have You In My Wilderness, due out at the end of next month. Compared to the material on Loud City Song, it hints at a more poppy, more accessible and - dare I say it? - slightly more conventional direction. Either way, give me this over the new Joanna Newsom song any day. Plus the video features a dog.

5. 'Awash' - Kid Kin
Another one for the Fuck Buttons fans among you - although, with its droney synth washes and dense, brutal volume, this perhaps harks back more to the first Blanck Mass album.

6. 'Fall Back' - Factory Floor
A song I've, er, fallen back on recently. Repetitive certainly but also completely addictive. If they can produce more like this, then (a) I'll buy some of their stuff, (b) I'll excuse the phenomenally lazy video and (c) LCD Soundsystem will no longer be sorely missed.

7. 'Friday I'm In Love' - Yo La Tengo
From forthcoming covers-and-more album Stuff Like That There. Georgia's voice gives the song a plaintive tone and inevitably some daft blinkered Cure fans have seen this as a descration of the original. Take note, Factory Floor: this is how you do music videos.

8. 'Soldier Boy' - Inspector Tapehead feat. Panda Su
A recommendation from a Twitter follower, this is perfect if (like me) you're still lamenting the demise of both The Delgados and, more recently, My Latest Novel.

9. 'No Life For Me' - Wavves X Cloud Nothings
A collaborative effort from Nathan Williams and Dylan Baldi? Yes please.

10. 'Spinning Wheel' - Black Honey
My friend Abbie's description of Black Honey included mention of Nancy Sinatra and Quentin Tarantino. Spot on, I'd say. And she's only gone and booked them for Dials, the festival she's organising for October to take the place of the sadly-on-hiatus Southsea Fest, so I'll get to see them at first hand.

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