Monday, August 03, 2015

Corb your enthusiasm

Who to believe? Blairite Telegraph journalist Dan Hodges has argued that if Labour appoint Jeremy Corbyn as leader it would be a suicide note and would make the party no longer worthy of serious consideration, whereas Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has claimed in a speech that Corbyn's popularity should come as no surprise to those "outside the Westminster bubble" and should be welcomed as evidence - alongside the sizeable number of votes cast for the SNP and the Greens in the election - that we're experiencing "a shift to a new political era".

This overstates the case somewhat and does rather discount the fact that the Tories were voted in with a majority, but it's nevertheless true that the buzz around Corbyn indicates a dissatisfaction with the status quo (and in particular the welfare cuts) in some quarters, and I agree that Labour need a leader like him simply so they can start providing some stern and effective opposition.
start of a shift to a new political era

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