Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Remote working

Being in a band is all about the chemistry and comradeship between members, right? As the very modern case of Publicist UK illustrates, that's not necessarily true. Here's David Obuchowski to tell the story of a band whose members first all met together "in a van on the way to our first ever band practice (which also happened to be three days before our first tour, including seven shows at SXSW)", with two albums' worth of material and a record deal already under their belt.

What's interesting is the way that the results of their online collaboration turned out to be very different to the individual members' other bands - and, according to Obuchowski, better than he could have imagined. Sod getting into a room together and working things out that way: "It was the distance and our ability to overcome that distance with standard, workhorse technology like basic computers and free recording software that made us what we are."

(Thanks to Adam for the link.)

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