Monday, July 27, 2015

Quote of the day

"Needless to say, Dirty never took off in that way, and it’s not the coolest Sonic Youth album to like: its relatively big-budget production at the hands of Nevermind‘s Butch Vig and Andy Wallace makes it come off a little clean, despite its name. But if you came of age at that time when punk was breaking, so to speak, and your musical canon expanded based on whatever Kurt Cobain recommended in the pages of Metal Hammer that week, then you’ll remember the exact moment you bought Dirty on cassette, put the ol’ Walkman headphones on, and broke into goosebumps as 'Theresa’s Sound-World' built to a hair-raising squall of sound."

Yep. On holiday in Cornwall in 1993. Absolutely fucking mindblowing. Credit to Daniel Maurer for putting into words exactly how I feel about Dirty, in the intro to a list of 23 facts you may not know about the album - such as that 'Drunken Butterfly' was originally called 'Barracuda' in tribute to Canadian soft metal band Heart, that the aforementioned 'Theresa's Sound-World' was recorded in the dark, and that Ian MacKaye added his contribution to 'Youth Against Fascism' while waiting for his takeaway order to be ready.

(Thanks to Jeff for the link.)

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