Sunday, July 26, 2015

Know Your Enemy

"Luckily, Corbyn’s opponents are making a persuasive case for their own bids. Andy Burnham is especially clear that he’s opposed to the Tories' Welfare Bill, as it will 'hit working families' and 'hit children particularly badly'. Indeed he’s so opposed to it that he was determined not to vote against it. The most effective way to oppose it, he insisted, was to abstain rather than vote against it, because that way he can unite the party against it. It’s so rare that a politician speaks clearly like that, in a language we can all understand. Presumably he’ll be telling all his supporters not to vote for him in the leadership election, but to abstain as that way he can win by even more."

Mark Steel in fine form, on the subject of the Labour leadership contest.

On a related note, much as I respect Jeremy Corbyn for having the guts to stick to his principles and stand as an unashamed left-winger, the Twitter account Corbyn Jokes is pretty amusing...

(Thanks to Stuart for the latter link.)

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