Thursday, July 09, 2015

Feel good hits of the 9th July

1. 'Moya' - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Star of the show at last week's Mogwai/ATP-curated Roundhouse gig. Time may have moved on, and they may seem a little quaint these days, but there's no denying their power when at full throttle. The Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada EP remains the most succinct encapsulation of what they're all about.

2. 'High Town Crow' - The August List
The highlight of another stunning gig, this time from Oxfordshire-via-Dorset-via-Great-Smoky-Mountains duo The August List at Abingdon's Unicorn Theatre. The crow in question is no feathered friend - more an avian CCTV camera, an ominous potential blackmailer who knows all your deepest, darkest secrets.

3. 'Shine A Light' - Spiritualized
Mission: Avoid Everything To Do With Glastonbury For Fear Of Being Consumed With Jealousy was going so well until I had the misfortune to catch Spiritualized playing this song on Radio 6. Gets me every time.

4. 'My Father, My King' - Mogwai
On the subject of Glastonbury, it's insane to think that Mogwai once played the Pyramid Stage in a mid-afternoon set - and, what's more, they ended their set with an extended version of this cover of a traditional Jewish hymn. The finest hour of a career that now spans two decades?

5. 'All The Surveyors' - Shellac
It's the source of immense pride to me that my son's painting style is directly inspired by watching YouTube footage of Shellac drummer Todd Trainer in action.

6. 'Peaking Duck' - Carlton Melton
I've not featured a Piccadilly Records recommendation for a while - and this lot are quite like a previous one, White Manna: maximalist stoner psych with controls set for the heart of the sun, and with Phil Manley of Trans Am on synths and recording duties, just for good measure.

7. 'Fireball' - Life Coach
Did someone say Phil Manley? Here he is again, with his (dare I say it?) more conventionally "rock" Life Coach project, that also features Jon Theodore of The Mars Volta on drums. That boy sure can play.

8. 'Skip Tracer' - Sonic Youth
"HELLO 2015!" Oh, hi there, Lee!

9. 'Zambezi' - The Piranhas
A song I haven't heard or even thought about in years, but that takes me straight back to childhood. It might even be my very first musical love. I wonder what happened to the 7".

10. 'Trying' - Bully
I've listened to this and other Bully songs a few times and am still not sure whether I like them or not. It's a bit sub-Breeders, isn't it? And The Breeders were never really all that anyway.

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