Sunday, June 07, 2015

Lord of the dance

At some point in time, I've probably waxed lyrical on this site about the late Little Jeff, the legendary no-nonsense DJ of the rock nights at the old Mayfair in Newcastle. Well, meet Big Jeff (if you haven't already, that is): someone who is every bit as legendary in local music circles in his native Bristol, and indeed further afield. Given that the six foot four inch, mop-topped charity worker attends between five and seven gigs every week, you could hardly accuse him of not supporting the local live music scene.

Our paths have probably crossed many a time, but I do definitely recall spotting him at Truck in 2010, jigging about to Wild Nothing in the company of a couple of toddlers. Reviewing the festival, I rather cruelly dubbed him a "ubiquitous loon", but such enthusiasm for and dedication to live music should be celebrated.

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