Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Feel good hits of the 26th May

1. 'Fangless' - Sleater-Kinney
I'd be reluctant to say that No Cities To Love is their best ever album without revisiting all of the pre-hiatus records, but it's very tempting. Certainly, Stanley gets very upset when it's turned off mid-song in the car.

2. 'Forevermore' - Thurston Moore
The stunning introduction to Moore's recent Oxford show - proof positive that his new band (James Sedwards, Deb Googe and Steve Shelley) have what it takes to stand shoulder to shoulder with his previous outfit.

3. 'The Rise And Fall And Decline Of Everything' - Six By Seven
It remains a travesty that, aside from a small handful of enthusiastic reviews, Love And Peace And Sympathy didn't make more of an impression. Even the more conventional "indie" songs like this are pearlers.

4. 'You Fell Apart' - Ex Hex
Resistance to the charms of Rips is utterly futile. Big, dumb and bloody great fun.

5. 'Sionara' - Maiians
The recent single from the undisputed stars of this year's Punt. If there's any justice, Maiians and their slinky, Krautrock-influenced post-rock will be the next big thing to break out of Oxford.

6. 'The Sweet Confusion' - Radar Men From The Moon
Shoegaze! Flange pedals! Delicious heaviosity! Strange Wave Galore is just the album to put Hookworms' The Hum firmly in its place.

7. 'Seagull' - Ride
Having been bypassed by Ride the first time around, I doubt the same thing is going to happen again - not least because I now live in the environs of Oxford and because my mate Geraint is introducing me to songs like 'Seagull'.

8. 'Golden Vanity' - The Hanging Stars
This is what would happen if Super Furry Animals and Ultimate Painting found themselves holed up in a log cabin with nothing to eat but weapons-grade LSD. A fine tip-off from my friend Andy right there.

9. 'Peasantry Or "Light! Inside Of Light!"' - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
While it's not quite as good as 'Mladic', 'Peasantry...' with its doomy, droning riffs nevertheless packs more than enough punch to leave you utterly floored.

10. 'Let Me' - The Drums
"They might hate you / But I love you / And they can go kill themselves". Jonathan Pierce gets blunt on new album Encyclopedia.

11. 'My Valuable Hunting Knife' - Guided By Voices
OK, so Guided By Voices, then: where on earth to start? Answers in the comments box, please...

12. 'The New Pollution' - Beck
One of the songs that kicked off the kitchen disco at my brother and sister-in-law's tenth wedding anniversary house party on Sunday night. Still guaranteed to get me jigging about in a manner most undignified.

13. 'All The Stars' - The Shifting Sands
A band initially recommended to me as "The Shiting Sands", which I thought was an unusual choice of name. 'All The Stars' is very pleasant in its own shambling, slightly psychedelic way.

14. 'Sea Of Trees' - Spectres
Thank you, Guardian. Spectres' album is out on Sonic Cathedral, which tells you all you really need to know.

15. 'Paradise City' - Guns 'N' Roses
What stag do Saturday night in Newcastle is complete without this?

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Geraint said...

Glad your getting into Ride, lots of clips of their uk gigs on youtube.

I'm having a Blur phase... Whilst I still hate. their britpop period, Ive always loved Modern Life is Rubbish, and the new album has some good moments.