Saturday, April 11, 2015

Negative creeps

Another day, another couple of election-related news stories to be filed under "Depressingly Predictable".

First, there were the revelations that the Tories seem hell-bent on campaigning negatively against Ed Miliband rather than positively for their own party's merits. Why attempt to promote your own leader, policies and manifesto when you can attack those of the opposition?

Second, there was the announcement by UKIP that they're supporting the current campaign to have the so-called "tampon tax" scrapped. Of course, the decision shouldn't be construed as evidence of a sudden enlightened volte-face by a party that has hitherto shown scant interest in women's rights; on the contrary, UKIP are merely eager to seize any opportunity to attack the EU, who are behind the tax...

And politicians wonder why the electorate can seem apathetic and cynical...

(Thanks to Rob for the first link.)

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