Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Know Your Enemy

"I personally think the controversy surrounding Protein World is the extreme feminist brigade letting off some bra-burning steam once again."

Yes, Luisa Zissman, you would think that, given that you're the company's new ambassador. Quite how it's "extreme" to express concerns about adverts that indulge in body shaming is unclear.

Among the "extreme feminist brigade" is Juliette Burton, who has recounted her experience of engaging with Protein World on Twitter. Suffice to say the company could do with improving their approach to PR.

Zissman is, of course, not the first woman to mock or vilify feminism. Madonna's recent Instragram gaffe reminded me that Margaret Thatcher branded it "poison". The irony that Maggie couldn't have become the first female prime minister without the gains made by feminists was clearly completely lost on her - as was the irony that she had managed to rise through the ranks to the highest political office in the land only to then tell other women to know their place and stay at home.

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