Monday, April 20, 2015

A rate of Notts

Good to see the newly reopened Malt Cross featuring in a recent Guardian article detailing some of the jewels in the crown of my old stomping ground, Nottingham. Drinking and eating venues don't come much more characterful than a former Victorian music hall with cellar extension.

I was also pleased to see the Trip To Jerusalem pub get a mention, and the Salutation too - both of which feature on the city's Architectural Ale Trail. As is increasingly the case in cities around the country, fans of craft beer also now have their tastes catered for, by the Ned Ludd and Crafty Crow - both on my list of must-visit places next time I'm there, together with the Nottingham Contemporary gallery, which I'm yet to set foot inside.

More surprising to me were the references to fine dining at the Hand & Heart (you'd definitely have been lucky to have got anything that answered to that description there in my student days) and to the "curry quarter" - a rather inappropriately grand term for what is otherwise a pretty horrible thoroughfare, Maid Marian Way.

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