Thursday, March 19, 2015

In a field holiday camp of its own

YES! Three years after the "last" ATP Nightmare Before Christmas weekender, which I had the good fortune to attend, it's back from the dead, resurrected by popular demand. The festival will take place on the last weekend of November at a new venue, Pontins in Prestatyn, which apparently has a better layout as regards accommodation and two stages, both with tiered seating areas, as well as a beach in easy reach. There's also an interesting concession to those of us with kids in the form of family accommodation - a recognition that their fanbase isn't all young whippersnappers.

The line-up, curated for a second time by artists Jake and Dinos Chapman, currently features Ought, Iceage, Blanck Mass and Loop. I'll need a little more that that to tempt me into buying a ticket, and I'm also slightly nervous about doing so in light of what happened with Jabberwocky last summer. However, like many others, I retain a lot of goodwill towards ATP as the people responsible for some truly tremendous weekends and am keen to see the revived festival do well, paving the way for further events in the future.

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