Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"The genius that sort of sits over everyone"

It may be slightly frustrating for a UK readership in the way it patiently explains snooker, but this New Yorker profile of Ronnie O'Sullivan is a superb portrait of one of the most fascinating sportsmen around - someone whose personal life has been turbulent (to say the least) and who remains psychologically brittle, but who nevertheless possesses outrageous, breathtaking talent and is up there with the game's greats.

(Thanks to Terry for the link.)


skif said...

Cheers for this reading tip. I'm in very much a snooker phase at the minute - I'm never off Eurosport these days. What has become of me?

Ben said...

Middle age?

skif said...

Maybe - although snooker and Test cricket would suggest I've already bypassed it and am living the sporting life of a senior citizen.