Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fighting sexism one tweet at a time

If you had to sum up Richard Herring in a few words, "doggedly and determinedly persistent" would be pretty apt. Just consider some of the challenges he's set himself over the years: writing a whole stand-up show solely about a yoghurt-related incident at a supermarket check-out, creating the very stringent rules of his own Consecutive Number Plate Spotting game (and the lengths he went to to finish it), producing a long-running series of podcasts featuring him playing snooker against himself.

So his decision to become a one-man anti-sexist Google and respond personally to as many idiots who took to Twitter on International Women's Day to ask when International Men's Day was was entirely characteristic. (It's 19th November, in case you're wondering.)

(Thanks to Abi for the link.)

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