Friday, March 13, 2015

A new Tame Impala album? Let it happen...

What to make of 'Let It Happen', the first taster of Tame Impala's much anticipated follow-up to Lonerism, a record that won popular and critical acclaim in equal measure? Well, it's long, sounds a bit like Daft Punk and bears testimony to keyboard player Jay Watson's comment that the new album would be "less rock and more electronic". At present, I'm not 100 per cent sure it's a change I want Kevin Parker and company to make, but I may yet come around to the idea.

In other electronic music news, Fuck Buttons member Andrew Hung's new EP Rave Cave has been composed entirely using a Nintendo Game Boy (cue nerds trying to identify the provenance of all the various squeaks and squiggles), while partner-in-crime Benjamin John Power is set to release a second Blanck Mass album in May.

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