Friday, February 27, 2015

Know Your Enemy

"What should remain shocking is money’s ability to brazen it out once it becomes known. And by 'it', I mean all of it: the corruption allegations, the human rights violations, the deaths of the migrant workers – the deaths of the indentured workers – the mendacious switcheroo on the scheduling. And, you know, the Isis stuff. Never has so much been exposed about a World Cup; never have people who are disgusted by it been able to connect with each other to discuss it and protest against it with greater ease; never has opposition to a sporting mega‑event seemed so vocal and concerted. Yet all of that has made absolutely zero difference and continues to make absolutely zero difference. Saying 'money talks' doesn’t really begin to cover it. Money shouts. Money bellows. Money shits on everything in its path. Qatar 2022 sails on regardless – in fact it finds new ways to double down on its toxicity."

Criticising FIFA over the Qatar World Cup is significantly easier than shooting fish in a barrel, but the Guardian's Marina Hyde does it with serious style and plenty of bile.

Her final point - that the European leagues (including the Premier League) "were fine with the corruption and the slavery and the deaths but get in the way of their domestic league gravy trains, and you’ve gone too far" - is succinct and incisive. Answer that, Scudamore - if you can take a moment out of wallowing around in all those billions of TV money.

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