Thursday, February 12, 2015

Know Your Enemy

"It is YOU who is so busy disrespecting artistry. You disrespect your own remarkable talents and more importantly you disrespect the talent, hard work and tenacity of all artists when you go so rudely and savagely after such an accomplished and humble artist like BECK. You make yourself look small and petty and spoilt. In attempting to reduce the importance of one great talent over another, you make a mockery of all musicians and music from every genre, including your own. Grow up and stop throwing your toys around. You are making yourself look like a complete twat."

I have no idea what Shirley Manson is currently up to, but I'm very glad she interrupted whatever it is to deliver a suitably stinging rebuke to Kanye West for his antics at the Grammys.

Elsewhere, it's been suggested that West has quit music altogether so as to be able to devote his full attention to "twattish behaviour". If I'm honest, I thought he'd already reached that decision some time ago. After all, marking the launch of a new branded trainer, which has been developed in "collaboration" with Adidas and which will retail at $350 a pair, with a presentation streamed live in cinemas worldwide is exceptionally twattish behaviour.

(Thanks to Polli and Tim for the links.)

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