Friday, February 06, 2015

Kim confesses all

With Kim Gordon's memoir Girl In A Band due to be published later this month, the Guardian have skimmed through and picked out some of the major talking points. As expected, her thoughts on the demise of her marriage to Thurston Moore make for painful reading - personally speaking, it's like witnessing your mum slagging off your dad. It's also unsurprising to learn that she has little time for either Courtney Love or Billy Corgan - after all, few people do.

Rather more surprising are the revelations that Moore gets stressed (or at least used to in Sonic Youth's early days) - you'd put money on him being totally laid back - and that the couple came very close to changing the band's name to Washing Machine around the time the album of that title was released. Credit to Geffen for talking them out of that...

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