Saturday, February 21, 2015

Health check

With more than two months to go until the General Election, I guess I should get used to this sort of article, featuring comments blighted by ignorance, short-sightedness and misinformation. Yes, immigration places an additional burden on NHS budgets and yes, the NHS "is creaking at its foundations" - but how much of that is down to government cuts? It's a fact lost on far too many people that there wouldn't even still be an NHS if weren't for immigration - something even the Murdoch-controlled Sky were happy to acknowledge.

Incidentally, Victoria Ayling, the UKIP candidate standing in the Great Grimsby constituency visited by BBC reporter Matthew Price, has drawn attention to herself by asking what will happen when renewable energy runs out. Erm...

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Faerie Son said...

Perspective and humour, rolled into one. Keep on keeping on!