Thursday, January 08, 2015

Know Your Enemy

"The media regulator has failed to grasp the fast-moving, fluid state of British politics today, and that fact that voters are seeking out the choice of real change. Ofcom should not be making that option harder to find, but ensuring that voters have the chance to hear and judge the full range of political options today. It is also important to note how Ofcom is ignoring the strong support for the Green Party in particular sections of the community, particularly the young and students. Their engagement in the political process is vital for the future, and they will rightly expect to hear their views represented and explored in the mainstream media."

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett (quite rightly) expresses her annoyance at Ofcom's verdict that the Greens don't have "major party status". As she says, it's decisions like this that artificially narrow the political spectrum (so it runs from the right no further than the centre), thus giving the illusion that there's very little choice or alternative, and contribute to apathy among the very generations whose futures will be determined by those voted in.

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