Saturday, December 06, 2014

Nobody puts baby in the corner

Not content with merely being a tit, Nigel Farage has now spoken out to complain about tits - specifically those of "ostentatious" breastfeeding mothers. He might since have tried to downplay his initial comments, made during a phone-in on LBC, but the fact remains that he's effectively endorsing the right of businesses to break the 2010 Equality Act and discriminate against those who breastfeed in public.

Naturally, the Women Against UKIP group on Facebook came up with a swift response: a poster that can be printed and displayed in cafes and restaurants. I hope the suggestion will catch on: "If you are a UKIP supporter we politely ask, for the comfort of other customers, that you eat in the corner, or in the toilet, or under a large tablecloth that we can drape over you."

Anyway, chalk it up as yet another reason women shouldn't vote for UKIP.

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