Thursday, November 27, 2014

Quote of the day

"To conclude Hitler was a fan of Schalke 04 because they won most of the titles during his regime must make Margaret Thatcher a Liverpool fan. Funnily enough she didn’t make the list."

Gerd Voss, Head of Media & PR at German club Schalke 04, delivers a sharp and witty riposte to a Times article on unsavoury football fans, neatly equating Maggie with Adolf in the process.

On a similarly football-related note, my latest contribution to The Two Unfortunates is an assessment of Alan Pardew's charmed existence in the managerial dugout at Newcastle, featuring references to everything from The Hudsucker Proxy to Dapper Laughs and Senegalese curried goat.

(Thanks to Neil for the link.)

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