Saturday, May 17, 2014

New York City ghosts and flowers

The post-Sonic Youth projects of Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon have regularly featured on this site, so what of Lee Ranaldo? Well, other than releasing an album with his band The Dust, he's apparently involved in the making of a period drama. Before you get visions of him starring in a Merchant Ivory production, or making a cameo on Downton Abbey, I should clarify - the drama in question is the pilot of a proposed HBO series about the music business in 1970s New York, directed by Martin Scorsese and produced by Mick Jagger, and Ranaldo has been put to work composing music for the fictional band. Jagger's involvement aside, the project promises much.

Meanwhile, on the subject of music on screen, Beautiful Noise - a film about the influence of My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus & Mary Chain and Cocteau Twins - also sounds well worth a look.

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