Saturday, May 24, 2014

Feel good hits of the 24th May

1. 'I'm Not Part Of Me' - Cloud Nothings
The single and final track of Cloud Nothings' very fine new album Here And Nowhere Else - one of the very few 2014 albums I've actually heard. I really ought to go back and give its predecessor Attack On Memory another try.

2. 'Wounded Hearts' - Iceage
Revisiting You're Nothing recently has underlined just how good it is - relentless, raw and furious. I'd probably rank it above their debut now.

3. 'Lariat' - Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks
One of the best tracks from a record that's yet to really grab me - certainly in the way that Real Emotional Trash did a few years back. This has a tasty chorus that's sadly underused, a namecheck of Mudhoney and the line "We lived on Tennyson and venison and the Grateful Dead". There are worse diets, I guess.

4. 'Come And See' - Protomartyr
This week's "As recommended by Piccadilly in their weekly email" track, having also been endorsed by the Guardian's Michael Hann. 'Come And See' is all very nice until about 2:38, when it gets much noiser and even nicer. Clumsily titled album Under Color Of Official Right is on the shopping list.

5. 'Slowburn' - Howling Bells
The first taster of new album Heartstrings, and a Single Of The Week for Drowned In Sound, 'Slowburn' harks back to that tremendous first album, before they lost their way. This will be their fourth album on their fourth different label - a fact that seems to corroborate the suggestion that they're not the easiest band to work with and make a habit of falling out with people...

6. 'Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!' - Kishi Bashi
Kishi Bashi is Kaoru Ishibashi, sometime violinist for the likes of Regina Spektor and Of Montreal, and this song, from his new album Lighght, couldn't really have been put out on a more fittingly named label than Joyous Noise Recordings.

7. 'Simon Ferocious' - Mogwai
As with Malkmus' Wig Out At Jagbags, I'm still feeling lukewarm towards Rave Tapes (and gather I'm not the only one), but 'Simon Ferocious' is certainly a worthy addition to the Glaswegians' canon.

8. 'Bud' - Honeyblood
Slacker indie-rock, bittersweet songs, dresses, cats - yep, looks like we've got our very own Best Coast.

9. 'Habit' - Ought
Not your average Constellation band, Ought - except insofar as they're definitely worthy of your attention. I haven't heard that much, but 'Habit' is charmingly reminiscent of both Television and Talking Heads - and, for that matter, one of last year's breakout bands Parquet Courts. Just a shame I won't get to see them in the flesh at Jabberwocky.

10. 'Sun Glass' - Fucked Up
For a band whose last record was a double concept album, who once played a 12-hour-long gig and who released a cover of 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' featuring Kevin Drew, Yo La Tengo, Andrew WK, Kyp Malone of TV On The Radio and Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend (among others), this is surprisingly sober - and, for what is nominally a hardcore band, very melodic too.

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