Saturday, February 22, 2014


Now here's some news that had me clapping my hands together like a seal: not only is a third series of Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle imminent, but there's also a fourth series in the pipeline. It's only just been announced that the new series will kick off on Saturday 1st March - unusually short notice, but as Lee has explained on his website, he's not overly bothered.

I caught the two stand-up tours on which the material for the previous two series was based, but having not seen Much A-Stew About Nothing I'm expecting to enjoy the new series even more. Add to that the fact that Chris Morris has taken over from Armando Iannucci as Lee's "hostile interrogator" - you couldn't pick someone more suited to the job, given his work on The Day Today, Brass Eye and Why Bother?.

This return to the small screen for Morris the performer has been greeted with perfectly understandable glee by the Guardian's Brian Logan. We should be grateful that any residual animosity Lee feels towards Patrick Marber over the Alan Partridge character they co-created for On The Hour is evidently not equally directed at Morris - during a recent short support slot at one of Lee's shows at the Royal Festival Hall, Morris was actually invited to deliver mock reminiscences about the character's creation...

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