Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rude boys (and girls)

Another excellent evening at the annual Nightshift curry get-together on Saturday night. As usual, there were some gloriously bitchy comments about certain local bands and individuals that we try hard to be diplomatic about in print, plus a discussion of the nicest and most difficult musicians ever encountered. Feeder, Coldplay and Damo Suzuki were all filed under "Nice", while Six By Seven's Chris Olley and Britpop also-rans/never-weres Salad were mentioned in the second category, the latter apparently so thoroughly unpleasant that the chef for the venue they were playing ensured their food contained pretty much the full gamut of bodily fluids. Meanwhile, our esteemed editor confessed to once being so irritated by Ryan Gentles, manager of the then-fledgling Strokes, that, when asked how to get to London at the end of the gig, gave detailed directions for getting to Bristol...

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