Sunday, November 10, 2013

Know Your Enemy

"I guess resurrecting a dead brand is exciting to people who want a warm blanket. Good for them. I live in a world of cold constant reality so it makes sense to me to document that through music. I’m not trying to hate on the bands playing dated catalogs to cash in, as long as they spread that momentum around. I have yet to see much of that. I haven’t seen any of the big reunions by our contemporaries. At The Drive-In and Refused have popped back to the surface but to me those tunes don’t hold anything current. I guess both those groups had a huge impact on suburban white kids and spawned a million terrible bands. I guess it might seem like an easy paycheck or a way to mend fences with past disputes. I know I would never wanna play a song off Mono ever again as long as I live, so to me going backwards has never been an option."

Joe Cardamone of The Icarus Line speaking to Drowned In Sound. It's not like him to try not hating on other bands, so it comes as something of a reassurance that his attempt fails. After all, we've come to expect bile from him - that, and stunning records like this year's Slave Vows.

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