Monday, July 29, 2013

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

"Eyesores" or "accidental art"? While the descriptions of the pieces which feature in the leaflet for a spoof sculpture trail from the Colne Valley read as sarcastic parodies of pretentious art catalogues, at root the anonymous author's intention seems to have been to invite people to look afresh and re-evaluate at the environment around them - a wholly admirable project, then.

It does however remind me of a school trip during which we went to a modern art gallery in Dusseldorf. When a group of us rounded a corner and spotted that no other gallery-goers were in sight, one classmate whipped off his shoes and put them on a chair reserved for a security guard, then stood gazing intently at them while stroking his chin. Sure enough, along came some tourists who followed his gaze, mumbled admiringly about the piece and started taking photos - at which point my companion grabbed his shoes, put them back on and walked off.

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