Thursday, June 13, 2013

Know Your Enemy

"Our users believe it's time for the government to clamp down on Bounty's harassment tactics to obtain data from new mothers. There is a time and a place for direct sales and it's not on postnatal wards, hours after women have given birth. Women rightly expect hospital wards to be a safe place and targeting new mothers at their most vulnerable is simply not on."

OK, so I probably didn't ever expect to be quoting angry Mumsnet representatives on this site, but Justine Roberts and the site's users have a point - I made it myself not so long ago, in connection with an article by Alice Roberts on the subject. It'll be interesting to see if Mumsnet's appeals for a ban are heard or whether Bounty have already got their feet too far under the table for health minister Dan Poulter to be able to unsettle them.

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