Friday, May 31, 2013

Feel good hits of the 31st May

1. 'Colour Yr Lights In' - The Besnard Lakes
Typically majestic prog-shoegaze from Montreal's most underrated band. If there's any justice, Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO will catapult them to serious attention (the attention they deserved for its two predecessors, I hasten to add).

2. 'Mute' - Youth Lagoon
In which Trevor Powers shifts decisively up a gear. A tremendous introduction (well, second track) to new album Wondrous Bughouse.

3. 'GMF' - John Grant
As first heard on Later..., when I was mesmerised by (among other things) his overactive eyebrows. Lyrically in particular, this is wonderful, and musically too - sort of Rufus Wainwright gone Americana. Just a shame the other two tracks he played didn't come close to matching - otherwise his new record Pale Green Ghosts would have been high on the shopping list.

4. 'Except Death' - !!!
I haven't heard the Daft Punk album yet, but suspect that those foaming at the mouth about it might find plenty to entertain on !!!'s newie Thr!!!er, which takes a step away from the punk-funk in the direction of clubland.

5. 'Despair' - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The critical consensus seems to be that Mosquito is a bit of a mess, and I'm not about to disagree. It does have its moments, though - this being one of them.

6. 'Joa' - Disappears
Krautrock cominatcha via New York. A drumbeat courtesy of Steve Shelley that just doesn't quit.

7. 'Bathroom Laughter' - Pissed Jeans
Deliciously unpleasant song, deliciously unpleasant band, deliciously unpleasant video. The natural heirs to The Jesus Lizard? Must investigate their back catalogue.

8. 'I Like It Small' - Mudhoney 
Mark Arm proclaiming his punk rock manifesto. Are you sure you really do like it small, Mark, or are you just saying that because your band are right back where you started, on Sub Pop?

9. 'Start The Day Right' - Field Music
How can such intelligent, creative music come out of Sunderland? Wonders will never cease etc etc.

10. 'Family' - Hanni El Khatib (NSFW)
Dirty, zero-fuss garage rock accompanied by a video featuring topless Japanese rebels raking around on motorcycles. What's not to like?


skif said...

I'm new to Youth Lagoon. That's right up my alley that. Ta.

That Pissed Jeans video is good fun too.

Ben said...

The first album is a bit bedroom (though definitely worth a listen). As 'Mute' indicates, the new one suggests he may have been listening to Animal Collective in the meantime.

skif said...

Mmm, I walked past Animal Collective playing last on the main stage at Field Day. I kept walking.

Ben said...

Wise move. They truly are awful live. Merriweather Post Pavilion remains an excellent album, though.

Suresh said...

I didnt even realise that there was a new Besnard Lakes album.... better buy it now I guess.

Started listening to Kraftwerk in the last few weeks - which I had previously neglected to I realise what rip offs LCD Soundsystem, Daft Punk et al are (although RAM is good)

Ben said...

New Bezzie Lakes is well worth investigating.

Must confess I haven't really listened to much Kraftwerk - something that needs rectifying, certainly. Where would you recommend starting?

Suresh said...

TBH I only have a 2 CD best of...