Monday, April 15, 2013

The Other Side

So we've joined the Other Side: yes, Jen and I are parents - very proud parents of a young gentleman by the name of Stanley Thomas. Labour didn't exactly go as hoped - best-laid plans having to be lobbed out of the window due to circumstances - but it rarely does. Jen was absolutely amazing throughout and Stan's ace. [Editor: More emotional gushing cut.]

A few initial notes on birth and parenthood:

* There's nothing like a few machines that go ping to add to the drama.

* If you ever thought you're most bereft of dignity in extreme drunkenness, then you've never been in labour. Of course, the ends more than justify the means, though...

* You might think that the legendary post-natal toast looks rubbish but you'd be sorely mistaken.

* Meconium - what an introduction to parenthood that is. About as pleasant an introduction as a Roy Keane reducer after two minutes would be to a football match.

* Stanley's very handsome and all that (inherited from his father, of course), but swaddled in a shawl he looks uncannily like ET. I suspect this may be true of all newborn babies, though.

* On the post-natal ward Jen has found herself stationed next to the partner of Young Knives singer/guitarist Henry Dartnell, who's just had his third kid. He turned up today, mused about possible names, devoured the sprouts from her lunch and went home to look after the other two.

This blog isn't going to morph into a personal diary of parenthood, honest...

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