Monday, March 04, 2013

The revolution will not be televised

Just over five weeks to go until D-Day, and preparations for the new arrival have (belatedly) stepped up a gear: a mammoth clear-out which would have been even more mammoth if we hadn't discovered the existence of the loft, the transformation of the spare (junk) room into a nursery with a lick of paint, the assembly of flat-pack furniture (I'd refer to it as 'adult Lego', though that could be misconstrued somewhat).

We also had our initial NHS ante-natal class on Saturday morning. Not much new learned, admittedly (other than the fact that all other expectant fathers in Abingdon seem to be my age but called Simon), but it was still good to have it confirmed that what we thought we knew wasn't too wide of the mark. (Incidentally, I'm not sure whether it's significant that the Preparing For Birth session is four hours long while the next one, Caring For Your Baby, is just two...)

All this recent news footage of abattoirs will have helped us steel ourselves for the birth anyway. Which brings me to what gave this post its title: the fact that the Guardian are searching for a couple expecting their first baby in late March or early April and want to film them before and after the birth for a short film. Jen half-seriously suggested we should respond, but I'm glad to say our complacency and then blind panic will not be broadcast to the nation...

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