Thursday, March 07, 2013

Feel good hits of the 7th March

1. 'Empires Of Time' - Chelsea Light Moving
A dazzling foretaste of the eponymous debut album from Thurston Moore's new project, which was released on Monday. Can't wait to take delivery of it.

2. '23 Beats Off' - Fugazi
In On The Kill Taker is twenty years old this year. A stunning album and - to my mind - their best. It was released a year after Ian Mackaye had made a guest appearance on Sonic Youth's Dirty, and this song is evidence that some of their influence rubbed off.

3. 'Bloodline' - PAWS
A fast and furious highlight of the Scots' recent Oxford show.

4. 'Bovina (2/23/08)' - Turing Machine
Secret track of sorts, in that it doesn't appear on the back sleeve of What Is The Meaning Of What but is listed on the CD itself. They saved the best for last...

5. 'Fresh Feeling' - Eels
How is it that I've only just realised 'Fresh Feeling' makes use of exactly the same string arrangement as 'Selective Memory', the last official track on Eels' previous album Daisies Of The Galaxy?

6. 'The Greatest' - Cat Power
OK, so I was playing that game where you nip onto YouTube and then end up following a thread that, an hour or so later, leaves you miles from where you started. The Eels video led me to another classic Later... performance, this time from Ms Chan Marshall. Incredible song, and a wonderful album.

7. 'Solution' - Dallas Don't
Second song on my mates' new EP Retrace This Place, which packs a real punch - rather like a Scottish tramp up to the eyeballs on Mclusky records and Tennents Super.

8. 'Mogwai Fear Satan' - Fuck Buttons
Mogwai's pals offer their take on the Glaswegians' signature tune, to very good - and very noisy - effect. Prepare to be pulverised at 4:40.

9. 'Jubilee Street' - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
The initial stand-out track from Push The Sky Away, an album which is yet to truly engage me. It's certainly a marked contrast to the recent loud, violent and lecherous material of Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! and the two Grinderman albums - muted and sinister but perhaps a bit slight. The video reunites Cave with director John Hillcoat and Ray Winstone, who all worked together on The Proposition.

10. 'Sacrilege' - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
That gospel choir at the end seems to be very divisive, and if I'm honest it's currently grating on me a little. It's Blitz! made a massive initial impact but seemed to lose its gloss after a while, so it'll be interesting to see how the new album pans out.

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