Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Know Your Enemy

"I think he likes the song. That's probably sadder than if he didn't know it, really. He's entitled to like whatever he likes, as long as he doesn't say it. It's a good song. I do forbid him to like it. He shouldn't like us because we're not his kind of people."

He's at it again. Johnny Marr, that is, ticking off David Cameron for publicly pronouncing his fondness for The Smiths (and, in this instance, 'This Charming Man' in particular).

However, our beloved PM, as is his usual response when faced with voter dissent, remained defiant and refused to listen: "I've now got Johnny Marr and other members of the band saying I'm not able to listen to the The Smiths. When I've got the complete and full set, even then, I'm afraid, I will go on and listen to The Smiths." Perhaps, Dave, you'd be better off heeding the warning and instead using the time to do your homework before issuing knee-jerk attacks on double Booker Prize winner Hilary Mantel...

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