Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mars bar

So long and farewell to The Mars Volta, then. Once upon a time - back when At The Drive-In were fracturing - Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez were as thick as thieves, but judging by the angry tone of the former's tweets, it seems that's all changed now: "A hiatus is just an insult to the fans … Omar did not want to [tour any more] … What am I suppose to do – be some progressive housewife [who is] cool with watching their partner go fuck other bands?"

I won't pretend that this is devastating news, personally speaking. While I loved the Tremulant EP and debut album De-Loused In The Comatorium, the second one Frances The Mute lost me completely and I've never been tempted back to their recorded output. That said, they could still be an electrifying prospect live, when Bixler-Zavala wasn't being a stroppy diva, that is...

Also on the Guardian site: "the five worst raps you'll ever hear". They're not wrong. I'd heard about Dee Dee Ramone's effort but had never brought myself to actually listen to it. Wow. Just wow.

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