Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Know Your Enemy

"I thought he was an idiot. A pompous, big-headed fucking moron with a shit band. But Damon does do that: he so rumbustious and bombastic when you meet him. He's got this confrontational thing going on. He can come across as a total cunt."

Blur's Alex James on meeting Damon Albarn. Might I suggest that James' first impression is many people's lasting impression?

The quote comes from my current reading material, John Harris' The Last Party, finally added to my bookshelves after years of meaning to and forgetting to buy it. Loving it thus far - while as a child of grunge I remain vehemently opposed to much of what Britpop stood for and have little time for the music, Harris' chronicling of the period (vaulting ambition, massive egos, the appropriation by the Establishment) makes for absorbing reading.

Luke Haines' equally acclaimed book Bad Vibes was bought at the same time - looking forward to an alternative and no doubt nicely embittered take on the whole shebang.

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