Friday, July 06, 2012

Parties over?

Oh dear. Could ATP be on the brink of administration? It certainly seems that way, with a statement expected shortly. They've insisted that all currently planned events will go ahead as scheduled, but I might hold off buying that ticket for the Shellac-curated festival at Camber Sands for the time being, just in case.

It's probably not helpful or fair to speculate about what's gone wrong when we don't yet know all of the facts - especially when the company's been responsible for treating me to some superb weekends. However, over the past year or two there have been a few signs that things might be going slightly awry: the Minehead weekends failing to sell out, followed by the downsizing back to Camber Sands; the postponement of the Jeff Mangum event, which (to my knowledge) was never satisfactorily explained; the widely reported problems that blighted the first I'll Be Your Mirror events, at least (daft queueing systems, awful sound, wristband issues). Perhaps, like Truck before them, they've overstretched themselves somewhat.

Hopefully this isn't the end, though, and like Truck, they can scale back, regroup and refocus, and live to fight another day. Fingers crossed the label - home to so many great artists - remains unaffected.


skif said...

From what I can gather, ATP Concerts has been voluntarily liquidated rather than being adminstrated. The new Willwal company (dir: Barry Hogan) appears to have taken over all current events.

Hopefully this means all will be, as they claim, peachy with everything already in the book. I can understand why those yet to purchase might be keepign their powder dry for now though, until things are made clearer.

Ben said...

I don't pretend to understand all the ins and outs of it (or the finer points of the distinction between voluntary liquidation and administration) - but at very least applying for voluntary liquidation indicates that things were amiss and, as such, it's not unreasonable to treat declarations that all is hunky-dory and nothing will be affected with a smidgen of scepticism. We'll see, though - as was the case with Truck, I don't mean to be unnecessarily critical. ATP have put on some fantastic events and I'm very much in support of them and their whole ethos.

skif said...

Nah, I've not got a business head. To me it sounds a bit dodgy. I'm trying to remain positive about the whole business because I've bought into Shellac and the New Jersey one (gone a bit festival crazy this year after finishing paying off some debts earlier this year - it certainly isn't sustainable - I should really start saving for rainy days at some point), so I have to hope things turn out well. Think I was wise to put off booking flights to US until nearer the time though. Despite hoping for the best, I nonetheless fear the worst. As you say, something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

Ben said...

The New Jersey one too? Lucky you (hopefully)!

skif said...

Looks like all will be alright for the time being with ATP then.

However I'm glad they've offered people refunds because of ATP USA moving and things, as ever since I bought the ticket I've thought it might not be the best use of funds in the current climate.

I'll just stick with Shellac I think!