Monday, July 09, 2012

Bloc no party

So while things seem to have gone somewhat awry for ATP (and there's STILL no statement on the voluntary liquidation issue, as far as I can tell), it could definitely be worse - they could be the organisers behind Bloc, for instance, who were forced to shut down the event on Friday night on police advice. Judging by the comments of most of those who attended (or at least tried to attend), it was absolute chaos and carnage. This year's festival was held at the London Pleasure Gardens, having previously taken place at ATP's home of recent years, Minehead - it seems as though the increased scale was a significant factor in the problems and the organisers bit off far more than they could possibly chew.

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skif said...

London Pleasure Gardens. Went there last week. Only word in their name that is anywhere close to an accurate description is 'London'.

Had I not made overloaded on fests elsewhere I might well have taken a punt on the Saturday night. At least if I had I wouldn't have had to suffer said chaos.

Really feel for the people who flew in for it. I saw one thing on the FB page from someone who came from Japan.