Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Know Your Enemy

"[TV is run by] a lot of fools [who put] fame ahead of talent ... There's so much dumbing down on television. I'm pissed off that every awards ceremony has a special soap category. I don't want to be a snob, but they only do it to satisfy market forces. Soaps are a separate industry, churned out on a treadmill with no time for any creative process, so nobody gives a shit. I have a soft spot for 'Coronation Street', it doesn't take itself too seriously. But 'EastEnders' is up its own arse. There's so much cheapness, with all this reality stuff. Someone makes big bucks at someone else's expense and it's the sadistic element of shows like Big Brother I find so cruel. We're so screwed up with our principles. We used to mock Japanese game shows where they ate bugs. Now we're doing the same, if not worse. It's terrifying."

'Life On Mars' actor Philip Glenister chomps down with relish on the hand that feeds in an interview with the Radio Times.

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