Tuesday, March 21, 2006

10,000 50,000 maniacs

While I wouldn't consider myself a stat obsessive, I take a look at them with interest from time to time, and so it is that I note that sometime this afternoon a visitor searching for information on that incomparable Geordie legend the late Little Jeff became the 50,000th person to pay SWSL a visit since it first appeared to pollute the internet in September 2002.

A modest milestone to have reached over the course of three and a half years, but a milestone nonetheless.

So, if you're a regular visitor, or even if you've just found yourself marooned here following a Google search gone awry - thanks.

Circumstances can change very quickly, of course, and there will come a time in the not-too-distant future (ie a couple of months) when I'll have less time to devote to the site - but, as things stand, SWSL will soldier on with much the same mixture of reviews, comment, flippant observation and soapbox ranting. Now there's a threat if ever I heard one...

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