Monday, February 27, 2006

Achosion I Laweni #1

(That's "Reasons To Rejoice" to you.)

Yes, long overdue, it's the first installment in the new Cardiff equivalent of the Reasons To Be Cheerful series. The idea remains the same: I'll explore the city and write about the places, events, people etc that give Cardiff its appeal.

So, without further ado...

#1 - Chapter Arts Centre

Where better to start than with somewhere I've already been three times and which is very likely to become something of a second home?

A short walk from the Millennium Stadium, Chapter is an all-in-one arts centre of the highest order incorporating two small cinemas, a theatre space (which doubles as a gig venue) and an art gallery. No wonder it draws the city's culture vultures to it like a bloodied corpse.

But its attractions don't stop there. It also boasts a cafe and a splendid bar that is every bit a match for that of the more self-consciously swanky Broadway Cinema in Nottingham. An enormous range of continental lagers is available in bottles and on draught. Of course it doesn't come particularly cheap, but then this is a sophisticated and cosmopolitan drinking venue a couple of leagues above the pubs of the nearby Cowbridge Road.

As you might have surmised, thus far the bar has been what has drawn me to Chapter most often, though I've already attended one gig there. Visits are likely to be frequent in the next few weeks, what with screenings of Michael Winterbottom's 'A Cock & Bull Story' and the appearance of Stewart Lee pencilled in the diary. Maybe I'll just get them to set me up a camp bed?

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