Friday, April 22, 2005



Are The Stars Out Tonight?
Girl With A One Track Mind

(Of course, by participating in the Right To Reply feature The Girl has inadvertently revealed that her mind is at least a dual carriageway. Perhaps she could begin to integrate political commentary into her blog and we'd have the most explosive sex-and-politics read since Alan Clark's diaries...)


Skif of Hobo Tread interviews John 'Drumbo' French of The Magic Band for his Vanity Project fanzine - "Van Vliet, genius and visionary though he was, also had a reputation for being a bit of a tyrant. I experienced this during my several tenures in the band. It took away a lot of the joy, because there was often a feeling in the air that one might be verbally (or even physically) attacked at any moment";

Inspector Sands is a convert to the charms of Birmingham - "It isn't all hairy people and silly accents";

Phill reviews last Sunday's Idlewild / Sons & Daughters gig at Rock City, and, like me, laments the restraint of the formerly explosive headliners while also being able to see positives in their new material;

Jonathan is disappointed by perfection in the form of Bloc Party's Silent Alarm (my thoughts on the record to appear here soon, incidentally);

Del tries his hand at doing a cartoon strip.

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