Friday, October 08, 2004

Feel good hits of the 8th October

1. 'La Lune' - Sons & Daughters
2. 'Dare' - The Wedding Present
3. 'Big Sleep' - The Icarus Line
4. 'Battle' - Qhixldekx
5. 'Woodwork' - Cave In
6. 'Millionaire' - Kelis feat Andre 3000
7. 'Blinded By The Lights' - The Streets
8. 'Miss Jackson' - Outkast
9. 'Two Timing Touch And Broken Bones' - The Hives
10. 'American Idiot' - Green Day

Yes, yes, I know - that last one is a guilty pleasure, but it really does sound like the prime 'Day of youth, even if it's played by blokes pushing towards forty.

Nice to see the care and consideration that's been put into the radio editing of Andre 3000's rap on the Kelis single - when "bitches" means female dogs, that's fine, but when it's used as a derogatory term for ladies, it's covered over with woofing noises. Genius.

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