Friday, August 27, 2004

By George's

Another fine evening in George's in the company of fellow Nottingham bloggers Mike, Mish and Nixon, as well as Alan - only Buni was missing. Somehow conversational subjects managed to range from blog politics (of course!) via the benefits of St John's Wort, Edinburgh, James Joyce, 'Sex And The City' and Ethel Merman (thanks again for the CD Mish!) to extra nipples and dogging...

And then on for the first time to Stealth with Mike to meet up with Dave and Martin for an unexpectedly wonderful gig (see below).

Not bad for an evening that started with a walk into town during which I nearly witnessed someone getting hit by a car and I then had the misfortune to spot the smug bald bloke from 'Strictly Soho'... And not a trace of a hangover today! If only more evenings could be like that.

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