Wednesday, April 28, 2004


I thought I should preface this week's installment with an apology. I realise that there's been an awful lot of football stuff posted on SWSL over the last few weeks, and that I may be getting a bit carried away with the match reports. Though all this is of interest to some, I appreciate it forces most to skip over or simply turns them off visiting altogether. While I have toyed with the idea of keeping all the football-related posts separate by setting up a new blog (in the same way that Inspector Sands has done successfully with Casino Avenue offshoot All Quiet In The East Stand), there's not much of the season left and so things should return to a semblance of normality come mid May. Until then, though, I hope the non-football-followers amongst you don't mind.

Not only has there been a lot of lengthy football posts lately, I realise there's been fewer posts on other subjects. Part of the reason for this is that I know there are always other blogs that will do whatever I might want to do better. I shouldn't use that as an excuse, but it has been a tremendous few days for entertaining posts on some of my regular favourite reads...

On Speaking As A Parent Robin set the cat amongst the pigeons with a provocative post questioning the value and legacy of punk which refreshingly steers clear of the usual music journalist wankspeak. (You'll have to scroll down to the post entitled 'Great Moments In Culture #01' - the debate continues in the comments box. For what it's worth (having only been born in 1977), I'd throw my weight behind Mike of Troubled Diva's case for the defence.)

Brilliant posts on I Don't Believe It on everything from the proposed voting reforms, to cleaning barbeques (or not, as the case may be...), to the agony induced by playing cricket for the first time in a while - "I’m now loping around the house like an extra in a Hammer film. My neck doesn’t seem to be working properly, and one side of me seems to be longer than the other."

Meanwhile, on a more serious tip BykerSink of It's Wrong To Wish On Space Hardware has tackled the thorny issue of female sexism, and (back in the mists of time if you scroll down or maybe check the archives) raised the subject of brand and product boycotts.

Vaughan of Wherever You Are may just have prematurely scooped the SWSL Ironist Of The Year award by writing an engaging (Semi-)Profound Blogging Article about how boring Profound Blogging Articles are. He's also sick of drunk blokes shouting "Dave!" outside his window in the early hours of the morning - you have been warned.

... And finally, do you consider animals to be lazy layabouts scrounging off our hard-earned wages all the time? Well, LondonMark has the solution: the Bark To Work programme...

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